Industrial Breathers & Filters Supplier

We provide filters and breathers for manufacturing and industrial equipment.

All our industrial filtration and purification products are made in the USA.

We're all about keeping your manufacturing plant and industrial equipment clean, dry, and running efficiently with superior oil filtration, moisture control, compressed air filters and breathers. Our compressed air filters will extend the life of your equipment and its components by utilizing the latest filters in keeping air systems free of contaminants, debris and condensation. Our breathers are the optimum in eliminating sludge and moisture from your industrial equipment, and our Sta-DriĀ® pouches will guard against moisture damage to your equipment. Beach Filters are guaranteed to remove all liquid oil, oil vapors, or hydrocarbons, and to hold dirt and contaminant size to .3 microns.

Our products include:

Compressed Air Filters

Disposable Breathers

Rebuildable Steel Breathers

Moisture Absorption Desiccant Packs

Replacement Elements and Maintenance Kits

Compressed Air Filters (clean, dry compressed air filters)

Breathers for Tanks and Reservoirs (hydraulic and gearbox filtration applications)

Breathers - (disposable breathers, rebuildable steel breathers)

Moisture Control (desiccant packets)

Replacement Elements and Maintenance Kits - Extend the life and longevity of your industrial and manufacturing equipment.

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We are a supplier of breathers, filters, compressed air filters, moisture control desiccant packets, and replacement elements and maintenance kits to a plethora of industries including the following:

Utility Plants

Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical Plants

Oil & Gas Industry

Automotive Industry

Cosmetic Industry

Construction Industry

Electronics Industry

Food & Beverage Industry

Medical & Health Industry

Painting Industry

Aerospace Industry