Industrial Breathers & Filters Supplier

We provide filters and breathers for manufacturing and industrial equipment.

All our industrial filtration and purification products are made in the USA.

Our products include:

Compressed Air Filters (clean, dry compressed air filters)

Breathers for Tanks and Reservoirs (hydraulic and gearbox filtration applications)

Breathers - (disposable breathers, rebuildable steel breathers)

Moisture Control (desiccant packets)

Replacement Elements and Maintenance Kits


We are a supplier of breathers, filters, compressed air filters, moisture control desiccant packets, and replacement elements and maintenance kits to a plethora of industries including the following:

Utility Plants

Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical Plants

Oil & Gas Industry

Automotive Industry

Cosmetic Industry

Construction Industry

Electronics Industry

Food & Beverage Industry

Medical & Health Industry

Painting Industry

Aerospace Industry